All Star logistics is committed to providing an environment for our employees that promotes dedication to customers and professional growth. We have assembled a small management team with over 100 years of transportation experience. We put that experience together for our customers continually exploring ways to do things better.

We are always trying to build better relationships and provide a unique solutions program for every customer we work with. We are results driven organization that will do what it takes to make the situation work build a successful logistics program motivated by the distinct needs of our customers.

Watch us because we are on a growth pattern that will cover the entire Southeast. We are on the increase and will not stop until we are able to develop into a significant part of the southeastern transportation industry. We hope you will find a way to partner with us as a customer, employee, contractor, or vendor.

Office Terminals:

2150 Cedars Road, Suite 1000, Lawrenceville GA 30043  – 770-338-6889

Operations Manager – Derrick Bowman  X109

Local Capacity Manager – Alen Besic X103

Fleet Planner – Sean McConnell X105

1990 Buford Drive, Lawrenceville GA 30043 Maintenance Facility

            Fleet Manager – Tony Surber 678-770-8472

3665 W. King Street, Cocoa FL, 32924 – 321-345-4045

Operations manager – Dave Fulcher

Shop Manager – Roy Piper 321-302-3436